Patina: Gravel Racing in the Heartland

This collection of photographs looks closely into the faces of people seeking to identify and breach their physical and mental limits. Grassroots gravel endurance races have become a powerful phenomenon within the world of cycling, inspiring weekend-warrior amateurs and literal World Champions to test their mettle in harsh conditions over hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of miles of rocky, unpaved roads for little more than the rewarding glow of self-fulfillment. Riders often sway radically on the pendulum of human emotion and experience moments of wild, awestruck euphoria followed by the thirsty, tired nagging of seemingly inevitable defeat. The winding, dusty gravel backroads of the Midwest make a perfect backdrop for the drama of hundreds of battered riders grinding out one hill at a time.

These photographs were made at the Dirty Kanza 200 (2015, 2016, 2017) the LandRun 100 (2016) and Gravelleur's Raid (2016) and will be on display at 19 Below in Kansas City, MO from June 2nd to June 28th.

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