Stillwater is OK!

I made a trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma last weekend to hang my collection Patina: Gravel Racing in the Heartland in one of the Midwest’s best bike shops, District Bicycles. Bobby and Crystal Wintle are fellow Southeast Kansans and in addition to owning/operating a wonderful shop they also promote a gravel race called the Land Run 100. I shot the ultra sloppy 2016 edition of the Land Run and it’s well represented in Patina. I didn’t spend long in town, but I did a little bit of exploring and biscuits and gravy eating. On the way home I spent the evening parked off I-35 at the Bazaar Cattle Pens. It was a cloudless night and the moon was late to rise to I was able to try my hand shooting the Milky Way. I have never seen so many stars in the Kansas sky. Absolutely crazy. It was fun to shoot the stars, but I quickly discovered I had no idea what I was doing. I ended up getting pretty cold and I’m going to blame it on the late arrival of fall temps and my lack of acclimation, but I’m probably just getting super soft. I capped the trip off with a stop by one of my favorite Kansas restaurants, Radius Brewing Co. in Emporia. A word of advice– get the clam chowder. 

Meg’s Bucketlist Bug Drive

My good friend and fellow KU photographer, Meg Kumin realized a life dream yesterday when she was finally able to drive her 1967 Volkswagon Bug to work and take the Digital Media team out for mexican food. We were stoked to be part of the experience. 

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